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Roo Panes

Little Giant

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Release Date: 06/10/2015

Discs: 1

Sometimes taking time to just focus on one thing – one hour, one artist, one album – provides an unexpected window onto a talent that, otherwise, could have been lost in the cacophony of contemporary hype. Roo Panes is a young British songwriter with a guitar to his chest and a heart swelling with hopes and dreams. A common onpaper pitch, perhaps, and one sold a thousand times before, but Dorset-born Panes has something special to offer those willing to wait a while for their favourite songs to settle into place.

Roo Panes’s debut album, ‘Little Giant’, isn’t a collection operating at the vanguard of a cutting-edge, ultimately transient scene worthy of clicks for the next few months. What you hear is succinct, honest songwriting, from a place of deep personal expression, resonating with universal truths and values. No follower of fashion, Panes walks to his own beat.

Little Giant’ is an embracing record, its gentle rhythms and compelling cadences topped off by Roo’s marvelous vocal intonation, a voice that come characterized by a complete lack of artifice and affectation.

1. Know Me Well
2. Indigo Home
3. Little Giant
4. Deeper Than Shallow
5. Once
6. Tiger Striped Sky
7. Home From Home
8. Different Child
9. Sing For The Wind
10. Hands
11. How Long
12. Ran Before The Storm