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Roo Panes


CD $17.99

Release Date: 04/03/2016

Discs: 1

Roo Panes will release his new album ‘Paperweights’ on 4th March 2016.

Pane’s music is succinct, honest songwriting, from a place of deep personal expression, resonating with universal truths and values. His is a deep voice, one that sounds aged beyond its years, and yet, it’s telling of timeless stories, endless heartache and forever love. It asks that we all find the right way to see the world around us.


1. Stay With Me
2. Corner Of My Eye
3. The Original
4. Lullaby Love
5. Paperweights
6. Water Over Fire
7. Vanished Into Everything
8. I Was Here
9. Summer Thunder
10. Where I Want To Go